Home Automation for geothermal heat pumps

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Consumers may be more familiar with names like Nest, Hue, Belkin & Prestige when it comes to home automation but the WaterFurnace Symphony Web-Enabled Home Comfort Platform is setting the standard for our industry.

Unlike many other smart thermostats, Symphony ties into the Aurora control board to provide a much deeper level of information about the entire geothermal system.
Symphony records more than 110 different parameters of a WaterFurnace system every ten seconds. Many other systems take snapshots at much larger intervals. This provides WaterFurnace contractors with a much more detailed look at operating conditions if/when a fault occurs.
Symphony comes with a virtual Aurora AID tool that mirrors the interface HVAC technicians are used to in the physical handheld unit. The virtual AID Tools allows service techs to perform all the configuration and setup diagnostics they normally do at the unit – without having to leave the shop. This means you no longer have to send your most experienced geo tech to each job. Let him/her provide remote support to your junior technicians.

Symphony was engineered by WaterFurnace, for WaterFurnace units. This means we aren’t reliant on third party vendors for upgrades, new features or strategic direction. It also means we don’t have to conform to a more generic solution that was designed to accommodate multiple brands and technologies.

The Symphony AWL has a “black box” functionality and can store operating data to a Micro SD card in addition to making it available over the internet.

WaterFurnace is the only geothermal brand with our own zoning solution. This allows Symphony to control the conditions in up to 6 zones from any web-enabled device.

The idea of a physical thermostat cluttering the walls of a home is becoming outdated and is no longer a necessity. A flush-mount invisible temperature sensor allows homeowners to leave the thermostat in the control room and use any smartphone, tablet or computer to control the temperature around the house.

WaterFurnace plans to continue innovating Symphony to work with other control platforms and protocols.

Take advantage of the Symphony promotion until October 31st, 2015: upon purchase of a Series 5 or Series 7 package, you’ll receive a free Symphony Home Control Platform to offer customers. Contact your Master Representative for details and conditions.

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